“Studies conducted in several countries show that magnetic contact with human blood supply activates the ion content and creates a weak current. An increase number of centers of crystallization occurs, directly proportional to the strength of the field, reports Dr. Bansal. He believes that the process of ionization is hastened which alleviates the danger of blood clotting and stimulates the flow of blood to the arteries and veins. Magnetic flux in the blood increases the number of red corpuscles and strengthens inactive and decaying arteries; the movement of hemoglobin is accelerated and calcium and cholesterol deposits are held to a minimum, all of theses clinically observed by Dr. Bansal and associates. Magnetism has been demonstrated to stimulate other fluids in the body as well (Bansal, 1983, 1990)…Dr. Bansal enumerates effects of magnetic fields on the biological system:

  • Secretion of hormones and other fluids is promoted and the positive effect is exercised on the working of the glands in the entire secretory apparatus;
  • Function of the automic nerves are normalized and strengthened, improving the function of all internal organs;
  • Build up of new cells and rejuvenation of tissues; and
  • A stabilizing of the genetic code (92-93).