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ProSeries 3 in 1 PEMF blanket by sport innovations
magpro plus PEMF technology by sport innovations PEMF
  • 3 therapy modalities in one unit:  PEMF, Massage & Heat

  • PEMF & heat therapy blanket

Vibepro plus by sport innovations
  •  Massage blanket

  • Also available:

      MagPro with PEMF Neck

ProSeries 3 in 1 blanket rentals, monthly payments and bank financing available

product rental: 1 month

bank financing 

sport innovations LLC distributors map
Isabel Werth Team Gold Medalist Germany using Sport Innovations proseries 3 in 1
Adrienne Lyle, US Team Silver, Dressage. ProSeries, Sport Innovations LLC
MC Lain Ward Show Jumping. ProSeries, Sport Innovations LLC

ADRIENNE LYLE, US Team Silver Medalist Tokyo #Dressage

#Show Jumping 

Isabell Werth Team Gold medalist Germany #Dressage

Lisa Wilcox, Dressage. ProSeries Sport Innovations LLC