“Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is used to take detailed images of internal body parts, and for mapping the brain, and exploratory surgery, etc. and which is rapidly replacing X-rays that place us at risk to cellular damage from adverse radiation.”(87) for diagnostic purposes MRI’s are also used for breast imaging in the detection of cancer. “Terafield & Diapulse electromagnetic devices for relief of pain and edema, approved or registered by the FDA in 1972 and used by more than 1,000.00 hospitals, colleges, and health care centers”(88).

“The earth's magnetic field has a significant impact on all living things and that life itself is dependent on magnetic energy. A striking example of this connection was discovered by NASA. The first astronauts to orbit earth outside of the earth's magnetic field returned home sick and weakened. NASA scientists discovered their illness was caused by a lack of magnetism and solved the problem by placing magnets in spacecraft and space suits” (96).

“The moons micro pulsations-from 0.1 to 35 Hertz-are in perfect harmony with the electro biochemical impulses of man that they helped to develop during evolution”(97).

“Lower frequencies are even more effective for treatment as they are able to achieve resonance more easily when interacting with the natural resonance frequency of body tissues which are under 25 Hz”(145).