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NOVA Publishing Company. Maryland: Rockville: 1993.

“About 200 B. C., the Greek physician Galan found that pain could be relieved for many illnesses …A Persian physician documented the use of magnets in 1,000 A.D. to relieve disorders such as gout and muscle spasms.” (46)

“The Egyptians, builders of pyramids, were well acquainted with the properties of magnetic force, utilizing it for the preservation of mummies to delay the decay of lifeless bodies. The legendary beauty queen Cleopatra of Egypt (69-30 B.C.) wore a magnet on her forehead to preserve her figure…Swiss alchemist and physician, P.A. Paracelsus, researched and observed that the magnet could cure inflammations, influxes, ulcerations, and diseases of the bowel and uterus … Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the father of homeopathy, was fully convinced of the powers of the magnet and recommended its use.”(47).

“The benefits of magnets have been known for thousands of years….. Over 50 Million people use magnotherapy worldwide ..” (4).

“In the US alone, over 100,000.00 treatments annually are given using electromagnetic devices for such things as bone fusions, inflammation, tennis elbow, sprains, back aches, and most types of pain” (29).

“The FDA approved electromagnetic devices in 1978, primarily for bone fusions and relief of body pain, edema, and similar ailments” (10).

“In magneto therapy, relief may come immediately or may take hours, days or weeks to reduce inflammations or influence more serious ailments…pain is taken away when magnetic fields are applied…” (47).

“Remarkably, success rates for bone fusions, pain relief, and healing of many types of ailments range 70 percent or higher when procedures are properly applied. A pioneer in electromagnetic therapy, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Basset has demonstrated success rates of 80 percent in healing non-union bone fractures.” (11).

“On the equine level many veterinarians and prominent thoroughbred stables use magneto therapy on race horses where hope was given up” (34).

“Plants and animals are affected by magnetic fields. Faster growth of animals and plants has been demonstrated in a variety of experiments. Fish in magnetized tanks show faster growth, stouter physiques, and lower mortality rates as opposed to those in unmagnetized tanks with otherwise similar conditions” (60).