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(a) Termination of rental: Upon termination by Customer, Customer must return/postmarked the SYSTEM to SI within 5 business days of termination of the rental agreemnt. Customer is responsible for any outstanding amounts due to SI at the time of return.  If the SYSTEM has not been returned or postmarked within that time period, Customer is responsible to pay a $50 late fee. If the SYSTEM is not returned within 20 days of the termination date, the outstanding balance of the price will be charged to the Customer’s credit card. The cost of the return shipment of the SYSTEM is the obligation of Customer.  The SYSTEM must be in good condition at the time of return, normal wear and tear excepted.  Repair charges apply for any negligent damages.

 (b)  return of purchased new/used rental equipment: after receipt of equipment, customers have 5 days to notify Sport Innovations of a product return or missing items. New product must be returned unused and in original packaging. A restocking fee is determined and charged at the time of new product return. Customers are responsible to pay for the return shipping charges via UPS or Fedex. Product rentals are for a duration of 4 weeks. Once a rental was signed, customer is responsible to pay for a 4 week rental period, and will not receive a credit if equipment is returned earlier than the official end of rental period.

(c) Sport Innovations does not offer buy backs of equipment. Only trade ins for new equipment is offered.


If Customer has  selected a Monthly Trial Plan, the security deposit will be returned at the end of the Rental /trial term, when the merchandise is returned to SI less the cost of any damage to the SYSTEM, normal wear and tear excepted. If customer has selected to purchase the equipment, the security deposit & rental fees will apply towards purchase price. The security deposit cannot be used as a monthly payment, only in case of purchase will it be deducted from purchase price.


At the end of any rental period, it is Customer’s responsibility to return, purchase or renew the rental of the therapy equipment. All rental payments will apply towards purchase price if paid consecutively. Only Major credit cards, no debits cards or checks are accepted. Rentals payments apply towards the purchase of the equipment rented.


The SYSTEM is and at all times, shall remain the property of SI unless the  Customer purchases the SYSTEM pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.  Title to the SYSTEM shall remain in SI’s name until the agreed purchase price thereof is paid in full.  Upon final and complete payment being received by SI the title to said SYSTEM shall, without any further action on the part of SI, be transferred to and vested in the Customer in full.

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