Wellington, FL (October 24, 2022) - All good things come in threes! Advanced magnetic pulse therapy, massage, and heat combine in the Sport Innovations ProSeries 3-in-1 Therapy Blanket, a favorite of riders of all levels and disciplines and a trifecta of equine wellness therapy. Founded by a German equestrian family intending to better the lives of their equine partners, Sport Innovations has nearly 20 years of experience in the equine industry and has designed their avant-garde therapy line to align with their passion for equine and canine wellness. They are the founders and inventors of Sport Innovations' therapy blankets, and harness their decades of knowledge for their team. Backed by decades of research, the science and unique design behind Sport Innovations delivers cutting edge therapy and proven results directly to your barn!

The ProSeries 3-in-1 Therapy Blanket is the Mercedes of the Sport Innovations line. Created from luxurious but durable synthetic mesh in their trademark Ferrari red, the blanket incorporates PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field) therapy, massage, and heat from poll to croup. The science behind PEMF therapy includes decades of case studies, and deliver proven benefits ranging from pain reduction to increased healing power, and was well studied as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Learn more about the science behind PEMF here. Designed to target the horse's Longissimus dorsi muscles and entire cardiovascular system, the ProSeries 3-in-1 Therapy Blanket is a great way to warm up before exercise or replenish physical wellness following heavy work or injury.

Sport Innovations also offers the MagPro Plus (PEMF and heat with attachable PEMF neck unit), PEMF Leg Wraps, PEMF Hock Wrap, and PEMF Canine Blanket. Below are just a few of the world's best riders who use Sport Innovations' equine and canine therapy equipment on their horses, in addition to adult amateur and pleasure riders around the world.

Connected via a network of equestrians and veterinarians around the world, Sport Innovations has retailers on every continent and is based in the equestrian mecca of Wellington, Florida. With financing options available, the power of PEMF and the Sport Innovations ProSeries line aren't just for top sport, but for the daily wellness of horses everywhere.
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