It is an important thing to highlight that our sales reps are real horse people who are often clients to start. Their passion for our product stems beyond “selling”. They genuinely believe in the therapeutic benefits and stand by our product quality. One of our most popular U.S territories is the Carolinas which is why we wanted to introduce you to Kristy Wolter!
Like many horse-obsessed little girls, all Kristy wanted to do was ride. She started riding at a local lesson barn in Virginia when she was 4. Throughout her childhood, she took lessons and participated in pony club. Riding on and off when circumstance or her education priorities allowed. After college, she joined the military, which provided her the opportunity to ride on a more permanent basis since she was stationed in “horse country”.

This led to owning and eventing her 2 Thoroughbreds. She spent some time as a working student at an event-focused barn and later a hunter/jumper barn where she also taught beginner lessons. Today you will find her doing what she loves as well as repping for us! We sat down with her to learn what it is about our products that ultimately won her over and what keeps her inspired today.

How do you use the ProSeries 3-1 on a personal level?

“I was introduced to the ProSeries 3-1 blanket by a friend about 5 years ago. I saw a drastic difference in some of her show horses as well as lesson horses when using the blanket. When my horse was diagnosed with severe kissing spine a few years ago, I started using the blanket to help manage it. It made such a big difference. From that point forward I was convinced that the product was a great tool for equine athletes of all levels and disciplines.”

What do you personally love about the ProSeries & MAG PRO?

“I love the ProSeries 3-1 because of the many options and function combinations it provides our clients. I find that the blanket is the most versatile while being compatible for larger operations which is super important for trainers, barn owners, or business owners. I personally like using the PEMF and massage functions simultaneously as I feel it really helps to reduce the inflammation and tightness of the horse’s body. I also feel for those horses who tend to be a bit more high-strung (I work with a lot of OTTB) the ProSeries 3-1 and the MagPro assist in settling them and reducing the nerves and tightness that comes from that.”

Why do you feel like clients would benefit from our products?

“Our clients should be regarded as serious athletes and need to be treated as such. Utilizing products that have features like the ProSeries will help to reduce recovery time as well as assist in injury prevention and maintenance. All of these things help ensure our equine partners are performing their best when it counts. I don’t just sell my experience with the product, Sport Innovations is a fantastic company to work with and they truly want what is best for our equine and canine partners. I feel that means something too.”
If you are interested in learning more about the ProSeries 3-1 or find yourself in the Carolina’s wanting a demonstration of our product, contact us today!