“The MAGPRO PLUS is so lightweight and compact! It is so easy to take on the road. Perfect for traveling to shows and recovery on the road!”

Sara Ballingeris a longtime customer of Sport Innovations. You may even recognize a similar feature of Sara from Dragonfly Farm from a couple of years ago when we interviewed her on the ProSeries 3-1. Sara is not only a passionate and talented equestrian, over the years she has acted as a Sales Partner for Sport Innovations as well as owned and operated her equine appraisal company, SEB Equine Appraisals LLC.

Sara was already a big fan of her ProSeries 3-1, our therapy unit that features PEMF, heat, and massage. Her attraction to our products initially stemmed from her horse’s kissing spine. She found that the PEMF therapy helped significantly help him warm-up. After his treatments, he moved through his shoulders better. His back was able to round and he was overall a much happier horse. She incorporates the unit 4 days a week and it has been part of her routine for many years. That is why she was the first in line with we released the MAGPRO PLUS earlier this year.

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