It really is our pleasure to be able to reach clients all over the world. As we grow and partner with sales specialists from all parts, we also want to highlight our international distributing partners. Many of our distributors stumble upon our products in their research for PEMF solutions for personal use, then decide they want to share their experiences with as many people as possible. This is true for On the Pulse Equine in Australia.

On The Pulse Equine is owned and operated by sisters Tiffany and Felicity Hartwell. They are based in Strathalbyn, South Australia. (About a 1-hour drive from Adelaide.) They have been servicing Australian equestrians with PEMF solutions through their business On the Pulse Equine for the last 5 years. They treat an average of 30 horses each week between the two of them. Having previously offered higher intensity treatments, they wanted to find a product solution that would be quality and a low-intensity PEMF to clients that they can offer between pulse sessions and at competitions to keep their horses in tip top shape.

A Dynamic Duo

​Tiffany and Felicity’s experience in the industry covers a vas spectrum both personally and professionally. Tiffany has been riding horses since the age of fourteen. She has worked as a veterinary nurse for thirteen years, and (as a hobby) breeds Hanoverians. Her husband is also a thoroughbred racehorse trainer. Felicity has been riding since she was nine years old. She has competed at 3* level in eventing. The apples didn’t fall far from the tree either, because both of their daughters’ event today.

What do you love about the ProSeries 3-1?

​With how regularly we use our units, we love that the blanket is well made from quality materials and components. The concept that the units are battery operated allows us to easily use it on the road and at shows. When we met Hanna, owner, and founder, we were inspired by her passion for the product and were impressed with the after-sales service which is important to us being that we are on the other side of the world. Additionally, we later loved the leg wraps and we liked the fact that the leg wraps can be bought separately to the blanket so you can build your own personal daily PEMF arsenal.

If you are in Australia and are interested in the Sport Innovations products, check out On The Pulse Equine and reach out to them via their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!