One of the things you will find on our team is our Sales Partners often start out as clients. After falling in love with our products they will add becoming a Sales Partner to their tool belt as an additional way to network and hustle. Meet Ashley Johnson! Not only is she one of the most impressive humans we know, but she is also here in Florida. Her farm is located in Ocala, not too far from the new World Equestrian Center.

We sat down with her to ask her a few questions regarding life, horses, and the #TherapyOfChampions.

How do you use the ProSeries on a personal level? What attracted you to the products?

I began working with Sport Innovations over a decade ago. As an eventer, the ProSeries 3-1 blanket is so helpful during training and competition! I use the blanket in my barn at home to help horses warm up and recover from difficult workouts, or gallop sets. At competitions, I also use the blanket prior to warm-up and for recovery to help relieve stress for my horses and increase relaxation during a performance.

How did you get into horses?

When I was three years old, living in New Jersey, my parents bought a pony named Kenny for my brother and me. We kept him in our backyard. Some of my earliest memories are of riding bareback with my brother and feeding Kenny leftover cream of wheat after Sunday morning breakfasts. Eventually, I got into showing and three-day eventing. When I was seven my mom signed me up for the United States Pony Club, where I eventually earned my ‘A’ rating. My horses have always been what has grounded me.

When I went to college, I chose to stay close to home so that I could continue to ride. After college, I briefly worked in New York City at Christie’s Auction House, but I quickly realized that I wanted to follow my passion to become a professional rider.
Now I am a 5* Event Rider and an ‘r judge who has developed many horses into the upper levels of three-day eventing. I am also working towards my USDF Silver Medal, I have begun moving one of my advanced level eventing horses towards Grand Prix jumpers, and I have a successful sport horse breeding program. I love all aspects of training and competing! Since 2016 I have coached the University of Florida Eventing Team and in November of 2021, I will graduate with a master’s degree in psychology from the Harvard University Extension School. I will use this degree to add performance psychology to my coaching.

What do you personally love about the ProSeries?

I love the variety of settings! From increasing blood flow to reducing inflammation, to helping with anxiety, there is a setting for every situation and every horse! I also love the lightweight flexibility of the new MAGPro Plus! It has the same power as magnets found in the ProSeries but it is lighter and more portable!

How do you feel the ProSeries can help client's businesses grow?

The reason I feel these blankets have helped my own business so much is that they help to keep my horses comfortable and healthy, which protects them from injury. Competition horses have to be excellent athletes, and the job is physically demanding for them. Being able to give my horses the support in their body to promote wellness and longevity through using the ProSeries and MAGPro Plus has been instrumental in helping me produce top sport horses and grow my business.

We love being able to work with incredible people. Interested in learning more about how you can become a Sales Partner?