At Sport Innovations, we embrace all equine athletes and disciplines. Our massage and PEMF blankets are so great for any horse on the road or at home. Barrel racers specifically have found great success with our products. Before and after a run their horses are able to warm up, recover and rejuvenate their muscles while on the road. Our wireless units are so convenient to just toss on while your horse is tied to a trailer.

Meet Kailee Murdock, upcoming superstar, and a big fan of our ProSeries 3-1. Don’t worry, the feeling is definitely mutual! Over the last year, she has been focused on her goal to earn the rookie title in barrel racing for the WPRA and then make the NFR. She can’t do it alone. She has been building a team of athletic horses to help support these goals.

“It takes a village to accomplish goals such as mine. The road is constantly changing, new challenges arise daily. It is not a simple point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ goal. It becomes a lifestyle, something I work for every day. Dues are paid daily, sometimes hourly to get where I am going.”

This year Kailee has qualified for the performances at San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo and Red Bluff Round-Up. At Red Bluff she placed 8th, the first go out of 130. At Prescott Frontier Days she placed 3rd in the second round and 9th in the average. At Prescott, her runs were in the same night, one in the performance and slack right after. Over the past winter she has placed in the top ten at every Horns and Hooves barrel race, winning a few of them.
“I am not only passionate about Rodeo and running barrels, but I am also passionate about the care I give my animals. I strive to keep my equine athletes in the best shape by using quality saddles, pads, tack, and therapy products. They are not just horses, they are my team, the bond and partnership we share shows in and out of the arena.”
How does the ProSeries 3-1 work in her training?

She uses her ProSeries 3-1 blanket especially at jackpots, rodeos and days off to keep her horses feeling their best. The blanket has a recovery setting that works perfectly on off days. Her horses snuggle down into the blanket and take a deep breath then relax. You know they feel loved by their response to the blanket.

“It’s a very noticeable therapy that I’m asked about a lot. I purchased a large dog mat for my Mom. She uses it religiously to help the circulation in her legs after going through leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. When you can see the difference in yourself and in my case, my Mom, you know it’s making a difference in your horses’ performance.”

*We note that our units are intended for animal use.

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We are so proud to be the #TherapyOfChampions and to see everything that Kailee accomplishes next. Keep an eye out for her, world!

*We note that our units are intended for animal use.