Lisa Hellmer is a client-turned sales rep, entrepreneur, and equestrian superstar. She is living the dream while building towards a variety of goals in Ocala, Florida. She is a great example of what it looks like to benefit from the #TherapyOfChampions, while organically implementing it as a service in her successful business. Lisa owns her farm, LCH Equestrian. The farm is dedicated to her dad who passed away in 2013. He was a huge supporter of her dream, and he and their mother taught them how to work hard and chase their passions.

“We never had expensive horses, always worked for our lessons, and experiences and this taught us grit.”

Some Background

Lisa describes herself as a horse kid her entire life. Growing up she participated in Pony Club and riding with her sister. Throughout grade school, she rode eventing and competed in USPC events as well as USEA. In college, she rode on the intercollegiate dressage team and started focusing more on dressage. After college, she worked for the Hannoverian Verband in Germany. As well as working as a student in Wellington for several seasons for various trainers. She was an assistant trainer in Virginia before starting my own training and sales business in Ocala, Florida.

What are your goals for the 2022 season? Do you have any horses you are personally riding?

I am knocking on the door of the Grand Prix with my horse Aniko. (Aniko is a 2006 Oldenburg gelding currently competing at the Intermediate 1A in dressage. He is a fun and spunky guy who loves impressing the judges with his stunning extended trot (his signature move) and his floppy ears.) I hope to keep working towards that.

I have a four-year-old KWPN gelding who is also ready to go to his first horse show this winter! I also have several para-dressage riders I train, and I am super excited for them to get out and show their stuff.

How has it been working with Sport Innovations?

I really pride myself on putting the horses first. Whether it is their care or their training, their wellbeing and happiness are what is most important to me. A happy horse makes for a successful team!

Using the 3-1 blanket genuinely makes my horses happy. They are relaxed, yawn, stretch and look forward to their session. I think supporting them in various ways not only improves performance but also their general attitudes in the stable. I am not a top-ranked rider, however, our program produces excellent quality horses and riders and I am proud to showcase our farm. I love that we can work with companies like Sport Innovations Equine that also have these same core values.

How do you use the ProSeries on a personal level?

We use our Pro-Series every day! It is a critical part of our horse care and our business. On average our horses are treated three times a week with the PEMF and massage. Our horses love the blanket and it helps them to relax before training and recover after training.

I love how the blanket covers their neck, shoulders, back, and hindquarters. It is the most coverage compared to any other blanket. It has various PEMF frequencies for each horse, as well as the massage and heat function. We also offer packages to our clients and it has been a huge asset to our business.

Speaking of business, how do you feel the ProSeries can help client's businesses grow?

We offer packages to our clients who are in training with us. The response has been extremely positive and riders love being able to support their athletes. We use the blanket in addition to normal bodywork regimes and feel it is an integral part of our program. Almost every horse in our barn uses the blanket at least once a week. This is a great added revenue stream for our business.

We are so proud to partner with LCH Equestrian and Lisa. The work they do is inspiring and so good for the industry. If you want to know more about their business click here to check them out!?

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