Meet Dr. Tom Wendel

​Dr. Tom Wendel, a Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine graduate, opened Wendel Veterinary Services in Colorado in 2010. Having grown up with horses and being a horseman himself, Dr. Wendel’s passion for equine medicine and equine sports runs deep. We were impressed by his resume, to say the least:

  • Dr. Wendel did an internal medicine and surgery internship at Interstate Equine in Oklahoma where he cut colics and performed orthoscopic surgeries
  • Dr. Wendel worked at Fonner Park Racetrack where he specialized in lameness and orthoscopic surgery
  • Dr. Wendel opened his own clinic in Colorado 2010 where his focus is sports medicine and lameness

Dr. Wendel is also dialed into the Colorado equestrian community. He provides veterinary services at many local events and competitions. He also contributes to equine organizations including the United States Eventing Association, Rocky Mountain Dressage Society, Mountain States Eventing Association- Central Colorado Chapter, Latigo Arena, The Event at Archer, Little Britches and the Rocky Mountain Region Pony Club.

More information about this wonderful clinic can be found at

A 360 Approach

The best part about Wendel Vet adding the Sport Innovations 3-in-1 Therapy Blanket, Hock Wraps and Leg Wraps to their practice is the knowledge that backs this recommendation. Wendel Vet specializes in equine sports medicine and now the Sport Innovations 3-in-1 Therapy System is also included in their client to support sports medicine treatment, rehabilitation and preventive care.

In their sessions, you can rejuvenate nearly all parts of your horse’s body in a more holistic way. With leg wraps, hock wraps and the ProSeries 3-1 you are covered when it comes to recovery and relaxation at home or the show. Our products help some of the toughest areas in a way that bypasses injection or other more invasive methods. And having an expert who is looking out for your horse’s whole health- is the cherry on top.

What’s with the big red blanket?

Our most popular item, the ProSeries 3-1, is a magnetic therapy, massage, and heat blanket that can be used to reduce muscle tension and to increase circulation in the horse’s body. Below are just a few areas of application for the ProSeries 3-1.

  • recovery management
  • pain management
  • muscle fatigue
  • muscular issues
  • injury treatment
  • chronic diseases
  • cold back
  • kissing spine

FUN FACT: The ProSeries 3-1 has coils all along the top of the blanket which allows it to reach and treat your horse’s topline. Many of our competitor’s units can’t say that.


At Sport Innovations our goal is to be the #TherapyOfChampions for all facets of the equine industry. Wendel Vet in Colorado is a client that shares that goal and is a great resource for all who work with them. Having a vet back up your product is always a good thing, having one as accomplished and knowledgeable as Wendel Vet is a great thing.

If you are in Colorado and want to maximize your horse’s performance or general maintenance- contact Wendel Vet today!