As you know, at Sport Innovations we are proud of our client’s success and the incredible achievements they have with their horses. We recently met up with Denielle Gallagher-Legriffon and her horse Golden Girl to catch up with them on how they feel about the ProSeries 3-1 and how it is included in their day-to-day training and show regime.

A little about Denielle..

Denielle is located right here in the Wellington area. She owns and operates a large training and sales barn. This includes many imports and works closely alongside her husband who specializes in hunter jumpers. They have two small children, Sofia (11) and Juliette (9) who you will find playing and helping out at the stables.

Although, Denielle is quite accomplished on a personal and entrepreneurial level. Her success in riding is equally impressive. Her riding career started in eventing and showjumping. She later switched to dressage after working with Ashley Holzer for many years. To say the least she had a knack for dressage. She was shortlisted for Beijing Olympics with her horse, Abrikos. In addition to that accomplishment she has had many FEI wins internationally, competing dressage level PSG/Inter 1 and Grand Prix. You may also see her at the Royal Winter Fair, Dressage at Devon, and the Global Dressage Festival. On her belt has a USDF bronze medal, silver, and gold as well as a freestyle gold medal.

How do you use the ProSeries 3-1 in your day to day?

The ProSeries 3-1 is instrumental in our day to day training. Not only is it extremely useful for recovery sessions, we use it to warm up her back before she is worked. We have found using the unit an hour before we ride helps get her right to work. The unit also allows us to warm up faster and more efficiently so we can get to work on the good stuff.

There are 17 horses in training and a single unit services every one of them.

What is next on the horizon?

Currently, Golden Girl is schooling the FEI small tour and training for Grand Prix. Denielle’s future goals include Panam World Games and the Olympics with Golden Girl (pictured).

How do you use the ProSeries at the horse shows?

The ProSeries 3-1 is the perfect thing to relax our horses before the shows. We find it helps calm the ones that may be more anxious or hot. Golden Girl falls asleep during her sessions and it’s the perfect way to have her before she goes into a class.