As an entrepreneur, you are constantly thinking of ways to expand or evolve. The horse industry is a specific one. Businesses have to be twice as vigilant than in other industries. How do you stay ahead of the curve? You need to be up to date on the latest technology and offer something others don't to help you stand out.

We have seen great success with business created around unit rentals as well as established trainers adding units to the lists of services they offer. Like anything there is no reward without risk. However, we try to set our clients up for success. With units available for rent and purchase both pre-owned (when available) and new.

Here is how you get started.

First ask yourself, “where is my opportunity?”

As a trainer, do you have clients who would appreciate a VibePro or ProSeries? The Vibepro is at a lower price point and is able to provide a full body massage. Would your clients want something more? Our ProSeries also has multiple massage functions as well as heat and PEMF therapy. Would your client’s benefit from leg or hock wraps?

As an entrepreneur looking to start their own individualized service, look at your competition. What are they offering? What can you do better?

Second, obtain your product.

This part is fairly easy with our sales professionals available to answer questions. We are used to sending product to facilities and businesses all over the world. We can take off care of you.

Finally, let the world know you are here.

Here are some ideas for spreading the word.

  1. Update your website and social handles so your customers doing research can be informed.
  2. Create a promotion and blast some “big news” or “grand opening” messaging on your social media and emails.
  3. Consider doing a free consultation or a shortened session as a promotion to get new clients. Once they see how amazing the product is, you’ll be set.
  4. Create old fashioned flyers to post in your barn or at horse shows.
  5. Offer to do a free session for clients who have influence in the community. Ask them to post it on their social media and tag your business as well as us. 😉 We are invested in your success at this point too.

Our riders and clients are simply the best. They are the best at their craft and the best to their horses. If you have any questions regarding the #therapyofchampions we would love to hear from you!

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