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Next generation of equine therapy blankets 


PEMF, Massage & Heat in ONE therapy blanket.

Let the blanket do the work for you! Simply apply the 3 in 1 blanket to your horse, before or after a workout and your horse will reap all of the therapeutic benefits of three therapies while he stands in his stall. This therapeutic Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), massage and heat therapy blanket helps keep your horse limber, fit and ready to perform at his best.

    KEY Features

    Made in Germany.

  • 3 therapies in one blanket

  • battery operated

  • portable

  • rechargeable

PEMF, Massage & Heat in ONE therapy blanket.

  • 3 therapy modalities in one unit:  PEMF, Massage & Heat

  • Combination of 3 therapies features:  maximum level of relaxation

  • Full body  blanket 

  • High quality bipolar magnetic spools with constant rotations of frequencies

  • 18 Massage motors with cycloidal massage, 7 times stronger massage than previous model "Impulse line" 

  • Temperature sensors prevent unit from overheating

  • Integrated  neck piece

  • "PRO  SERIES" setting: Schumann Frequencies support the well being of mammals

  • Flexible, dirt resistant  materials

  • Unit can be operated via batteries or permanent power connection

Proseries 3in1 Sport Innovations PEMF

What is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse therapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in animal pain management, injury recovery and overall health upkeep.

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