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Meet our Ohio/ Amish Distributor | AJ Miller

3in1 ProSeries - Elite equine farm supply

It is our goal to be able to reach a variety of equestrians all over the world who work with different breeds and styles of equine athletics. One of our distributors in Ohio allows us to do just that. AJ and Barb Miller (along with their family) own Elite Equine a full-scale Equine retail store, as well as Creek Valley Farm. If you are interested in hearing about his niche in the Amish community, I suggest you read along!

Elite equine farm supply - Ohio
3in1 ProSeries Sport Innovations in Ohio equine suply store
3in1 ProSeries Sport Innovations in Ohio equine suply store

How did you get into the horse business?

AJ: “I grew up where horses were a part of our life and culture. We always had some pleasure riding horses and ponies for sale. When Barb and I got married, we got away from the horses for the first few years of marriage. In 2008 we moved on to my Uncle Steve’s standardbred farm to help him with the breeding and foaling. This got me excited about having my own farm someday.

Stallion Laurel Highlands Rockstar. One of only 20 in the United States.
Stallion Laurel Highlands Rockstar. One of only 20 in the United States.

Here is a picture of our Stallion Laurel Highlands Rockstar. One of only 20 in the United States.

In 2012 we bought and moved onto my parent’s farm, with the dream of breeding, raising, and training pleasure riding horses and ponies. Currently, Creek Valley Farm has 2 stallions. One is a Registered Fell pony named Laurel Highlands “Rockstar”, as well as a 2-time World Champion Mini named “It’s All About Me”. We currently have 6 mini ponies, 1 hackney pony, 1 Friesian cross, 1 draft cross, and a quarter horse in our training program that will all be looking for forever homes in the spring. We have a quarter horse and 2 draft cross broodmares that we raise foals with.

On our farm, we have a training program that all of the horses go through before we find them forever homes.”

The farm is a family affair and the Miller children are involved in the training of the horses to go to their forever homes. We couldn’t help but share a sample of their impressive horsemanship skills.

What attracted you to the products at Sport Innovations?

AJ: “What attracted us to selling and using the Sport Innovation blankets was how it benefitted the athlete in our horses. I have always looked at our equine friends as athletes, so if that is what they are, we need to treat them like one.”

The Miller horses also prove that the smallest packages can be athletic. Check out the video below if their minis!

AJ: “In our area, there were other blankets from the competing brands that were very popular, but a lot of people that had them didn’t feel that they do the job they are looking for. So seeing the need in the market, I was determined that I find a blanket that works and customers will be satisfied with.

canine PEMF blanket on small horse

My wife and I attended the AAEP conference and there it was! When we saw the blanket and talked with Hanna we know this was the one!

We currently have a ProSeries 3-1 that we use on our Stallion to help relax his topline muscles and a small PEMF blanket (used often for very large canines) for our mini ponies. We love working with Sport Innovations because we know that they will do what they tell you that they will. They are a company with a lot of research backing the product. Also, the level of professionalism the company has is a confidence builder. We currently have blankets in Draft Horse barns, Standardbred race barns. We offer 2 day demos, weekly and monthly rentals, financing, so check us out so that we can help you get to the next level!”

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